I’m restless.  Like a runner before a race.  Anxious for the first sound of the gun to go off.  But there are all these other procedures to go through before stepping up to the starting line.  (if you even can get near the line.)  People everywhere also waiting and anxious, like a dog that’s been caged ready to run.

Sit and wait.  The name of the game.  For once knowing where I want to go, an idea how to get there, running out of patience for the start of it.

And everything is driving me crazy waiting for this one thing.  Lord help me!  Scared and anxious to start.  Ready and able to start.  Tired of waiting, but relieved at the same time.  More than ready to hit the pavement. Ready to fly like the wind.  Yet, still struggling to put that first foot forward.

Crazy isn’t it?


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