I don’t know what I am thinking…


I smoke too much.  I crave water all day long.  I feel like I am jacked up, but I don’t know why or what caused it.

I want to pull my bones out of my skin or at least pull out all my hair.

My eyes are  bugging out of my head and hurt like the devil.

And I want to SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM, until I am hoarse.

I can not pin a date or anniversary of something from my past that is making me feel this way and THAT is driving me crazy.  My brain is just whirling frantically while thoughts are exploding on impact of my skull.

I am full of anxiety and fear and feel like my body is trying to pull out of my skin.

Oh, yeah…now I remember…my new doctor put me on a new med for restless legs caused by my meds and took me off my anti-anxiety pill.  Nothing like withdrawal and a new medication to fuck up your whole world again.  Hopefully another week of this and we should be back to “normal.”

This really sucks!

Please say a prayer or send good thoughts.  I could really use them.  Thanks~recovery girl.


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