Minute catch-up and Do you think your post are stupid?

If you caught the last post I came through my withdrawal/new meds OK.  That post was the worse day.  The new meds are for my restless leg syndrome and the withdrawal was from my anti-anxiety med.  So needless to say I went into an anxiety attack that I couldn’t get out of very easy without my anti-anxiety meds.

Thank Goodness that is all over!  My legs are doing better and my anxieties are at a low simmer.  Just where I like them.

Do you ever feel stupid when you write a post or when you publish it or go back after its been published?  Sometimes I don’t even get around to  writing anything because I feel like every your post are better than mine.  They sound better they look better and they are better.

I always think, that was so stupid!  Why did I write that?  No matter what I write, no matter that it comes straight from head and heart and no matter if I actually like it…once I hit “publish” it turns to crap.  Right there in front of my eyes.  My post suddenly *sucks.*

Then it’s a constant fight back and forth to pull it out of my brain gutter and look at it.  But I’m too close.  I have to really step away from it for a while before I can appreciate or decide it really did suck.

I know I’m not stupid and neither is my writing, but sharing it, as if anyone else would have interest, IS stupid.

OH the evil things that get crammed down our throat and infest our whole being.

And I was just wondering if anyone else struggle publishing their post and how they got through it and if you do, how?

Any thoughts, comments, and stories would be great to hear.

Tell me I’m not alone!

Take a load off and tell me all about it!

Take a load off and tell me all about it!


4 thoughts on “Minute catch-up and Do you think your post are stupid?

  1. I don’t think your should regret your blog post. It’s helpful for you to vent. I have done the same before, only to receive a lot of support. Don’t be afraid to let it all out! I too went through a med change recently. It is still difficult on me… but I am better. I hate feeling so tired, but it’s better than the anxiety and never being able to stop talking. People were getting annoyed… at least I thought they were.

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  2. RG, you’re not alone.

    A lot of writers struggle both with their processes and their results. They continue, however, in faith that what they must accomplish through their writing is too important to allow their critical inner voices to silence it.

    Your family history and your medical issues have given you a voice that is both strong and delicate. Your story is compelling and needs to be told, but its telling requires you to be vulnerable. In particular, it requires you to show yourself to others when you do not feel that you, or your writing, are at your best. Growth and risk travel together.

    So use your space to share what you need to share, within the parameters you yourself define. The people who are on the same road you’re traveling will appreciate the honesty and the bravery you show with each post.

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