I’m getting so I can’t stand the word stigma.  It is so overused.  Everything is a stigma.  And guess what, it probably is, but do we have coat it in whipped cream by using it all the time?

Everyone is a stigma of something.  Whatever it is.  We all belong to some sort of classified group that comes with certain characteristics and qualities.  We do the same thing with plants and animals, that is how we tell them apart.  People are no different, yet we get offended when we are grouped into that same family and expect different opinions from outsiders.  It’s a well known fact many blogs and groups and communities are started to be around others who understand each other and so we gravitate to someone of the same nature because we can relate.  Then we get upset when someone sees us in that particular group and expect the outside world to see us the same as them.

Yes, there are always people who try to benefit from this stigma and condemn you, categorize you, and beat you down just a little bit more.  Why do you want to fit in and be recognized by them and think they will treat you different than they would anyone else?

I’m all for human equality and equal rights, but let’s face it we don’t live in that kind of a world.  Turn on the TV.  Stigma and condemners are all over the place, but so is that small group that will accept you because they are after the same thing, having someone they can talk to about what their stigma is.  Isn’t it hard enough to take care of ourselves and change our minds then trying to change the world’s mind?

I started this blog doing only photos for about the first half of it before I needed to talk about my issues and to find the comfort of others that I needed who are going through the same thing.  And readers gravitated towards me.  I’m hardly an established blog of any kind, but I mentioned bipolar, childhood abuse and PTSD in one post and I felt like I could breathe again.  My blog is my connection to others like me because I don’t try to find it in the real world.  Maybe that’s the way I control my stigma feelings.  I don’t know.  And this post wasn’t to bash anyone or anything I just needed to express my feelings like anyone else.  I don’t see a stigma of one thing or two, I see it all over in everything.  I may not be able to stop a locomotive barreling on its tracks, but I can step out of the way.

Just one woman’s perspective.

So what do you think?  Is stigma overrated or not? Share.


5 thoughts on “Stigma

  1. I think there is a difference between stigma and prejudice, and i dont think either are over used… I do think being politically correct is over used though, but thats also different from stigma as well.

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  2. I think we see the word stigma more and more, but I don’t think people fully understand it. When I refer to what I see on television, magazines, movies, etc. I generally find that what I see and read are stereotypes of my illness (paranoid schizophrenia). My illness is one that tends to be sensationalized too. I think we need to keep talking about these things, including stigma, because it can prevent people from seeking treatment. It can also make people want to hide their illness – I hid mine for twenty years, because of how people think about my illness compared to what it is actually like.

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