NaNo 30 day Blogging Challenge


I’m taking the NaNo 30 day blogging challenge.  And for me it will be a challenge to write every day.  I felt like I was starting to lose my voice and I’m gaining ground at having it again.  It feels good.

I’m not following any script and so I’ll just be winging it like I always do.  That’s just sort of my nature.

I had another bipolar blog that talked about my abuse and PTSD, where my abusers found me and I became quieter and quieter on that blog.  I also was far from being stable and was having active flashbacks/memories that tormented me on a daily basis.  I shudder when I think of that time period.  I don’t know how I mentally survived the demons tearing at my soul every. single. day.  But really I do know, God, my husband and my dogs and cats.  That’s why I started this blog called My Heart Healers, I was saved by all of their love put together to be where I am now.  Plus it got me out of the web my abusers put together to catch me and I feel free.  🙂

I will share some of those stories from back then and now.  I’ll share a little bit more about myself and anything I find interesting.  I am really doing this to journal on a regular basis and see where it leads me.

And if you’d like to read along, that would be great.  Please don’t be shy and introduce yourself.   I look forward to hearing from you.


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