I’ve been trying to figure out what I need and want to do with this blog.  I’ve tried to just be the breath of life that gets it started and let it grow from there.   And it did just that,100_1277 turn into a life of its own.  Though I’m not really sure it is the direction I want to take, but I believe there is a reason I’m being lead by it.  I’m finding myself channeling into my healing process and recovery.   This is where I’d like to focus.  Honestly it is a selfish testimony I will give, to help me recover from myself, past abuse, PTSD and being bipolar. (mostly in the form of depression)  Writing has always been so theraputic for me.  I am finding myself in place where I need to ask for help and get feedback.  I know I can not do this alone.  So I’m asking you my readers to become involved with my healing process.  I know I am asking a lot of all of you, for this is the only place we know each other, but I will be honest if you will.



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