Too bad all the straight jackets were rented out today.

My husband and I go to every doctor visit together.  Doesn’t matter the doctor, we always go together and as it was I had an appointment with my psychiatrist this past week so we were both there.

We’ve been video chatting with this newer doctor and he was making a live visit for this appointment. So I was excited as I’ve been fretting over whether to change meds or not and I hate talking to a TV.

So were heading down the corridor towards his office and he leans over to me and says in an almost whisper, “So are you ready to go in my office alone?”

I was so caught off guard and in such a state of  shock all I could say was “WHAAAT!”

Then he says it again and I shake my head no.

The doctor went on ahead of me and hubby, while hubby and I gave each other the look.  This was not starting out well at all for seeing this doctor in person.  Not at all.

And then most of the discussion was on trying to explain to him why I wanted my husband in there.  My mind was so blown apart, I could hardly talk for something that needed no explanation.  AT.  ALL.

And all the doctor kept saying was, “You’ll sell yourself short (by hubby being there)”

Yes, my first and foremost supporter who is trusting you too for information for why I act and do the things I do and the only one I trust in the room, if that means being sold short, then I’ll take it!

We eventually did get to talking about the meds to which he did nothing.  He was too consumed with getting my husband out of the room to listen to me.  Because he also made the comment that maybe if I keep seeing him in person then I could gradually work on “my problem” of less hubby.

If you had someone you cared about would you leave them alone with this doctor?

I mean really.  Would you ask a cancer patient to get rid of her support system?

Would you really, honestly go back to this doctor alone, when he’s making this his priority?

And this isn’t the first time that we’ve encountered this.  Almost every doctor I’ve had has asked my husband to leave.



And I’M the one who needs a straight jacket! Yea, right.  I think this doc could use a wrap up.  🙂

So tell me friends have you ever taken a loved one with you to an appointment and were shunned or treated rudely for it?


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