The crevices

Somewhere in the crevices of my brain, the ghouls come out to play.  Mostly in dreams.  They never let me forget where I come from.  And even though they may wake me from a dead sleep, that’s OK, because they remind me that I don’t have to be afraid of my past anymore.  They may shake me up a bit, dragging me down into the brewing pit, but I always wake up to my real life, where I am safe.

I had a dream about more abusers.  One that was indirect to me and one that I had contact with.  Neither are part of my life and haven’t been for a long time.  And even though in this vivid dream, I kept trying to get out.  I wasn’t fooled by their manipulation and control and when I didn’t cooperate with them, their true colors shone through. That’s a TON of progress from the dreams I’ve had about past abusers.  Usually I am lured in by their charms, like I was in real life.  Never remembering or seeing the bad in them.

LOTS of progress in the dream world.

Very cool!


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