Sandy and the retribution.

I’m only using the name “mom” for a reference point.  She never earned the right to be called such a title and she of one of many abusers I had in my life.  I choose to call her my abuser, as it is the truth.

I was about 10 years old, hanging on to my mother’s dog, Sandy.  Sandy’s breathing was erratic and fast.  She laid on her side on the floor, while I spooned her, draping my arm across her shoulder.  I was petrified.  I knew this was it for her and she was going to die without my mother there to be with her.  I was all alone with just Sandy.

Sandy had a bad heart and was prone to anxiety attacks from loud noises.  There had been a jack hammer going all day long in our neighborhood.  It sent Sandy into a downward spin.  Some how I knew this wasn’t like the other close calls Sandy had in the past.  She was dying.

I tried to comfort her and held on tight.  It wasn’t long and her breathing slowed all the way down to nothing.  Then like a whisper she was gone.

I don’t know how long I held Sandy and cried, but it wasn’t long before my mind was tormented.  I was suppose to be baking cupcakes for my brother’s birthday, but I knew I would be in trouble for Sandy dying.  I also knew I would be in trouble if I didn’t make the cupcakes.  Scared out of my mind, riddle with daunting guilt, I slowly made my way off the floor and got the box for the batter.  There was no good choice.  I was going to be blamed either way.  For some reason I chose the cupcakes.

My mother walked in the door and screamed, “She’s dead!”

Then it all went black.

There is nothing worse than my mother’s screaming.  Blood curling.

I don’t know the exact words she used, but the jest was something like, “You are the reason for Sandy’s death because you didn’t take care of her.  You should’ve known better.  Don’t ever have any animals of your own, you’ll just kill them all.

Believe there was more, but that’s all I could really gather from all the years of trying to heal from this shit.

I’m still haunted til this day of those words, that were reinforced with more abuse.


Today I didn’t feel like walking the dogs, I had too much I wanted to get done and really they weren’t asking for one.  I called my husband because I felt guilty for not being able to walk them and couldn’t make a decision.  I was in AGONY.  I couldn’t ask for his help and I couldn’t do it, even though I felt I should.  Husband was willing.  In fact he told me before he left today to let me know if I walked the dogs, because he would do it if I didn’t.  Finally, I told my hubby, “You do it!”

After we hung up, the guilt, fear, worthlessness all flooded over me leaving me with no choice but to believe I AM a horrible dog mom and I don’t deserve to be one.  Just like everything else I am horrible at.  All my talents and gifts are just wasted because I always hold this same roadblock of not being good at anything.  What’s the point?  Why try?

I always feel defeated before I even try.

I wish I had a rebuttal to this line of thinking, but this always been a pretty tough one for me to shake.  And it comes up more often than I realize.  I feel better just writing it down and getting it out there.

Does anyone else have a mother who blames you for everything?


5 thoughts on “Sandy and the retribution.

  1. But…you were not to blame for sandys death. And because of you she did not die alone. You gave the greatest gift you could have given which was loving her through her death. You are a special person. Dont let someone else’s lies define you. Yes, i still have a mother who blames and it is very very difficult to separate her blame from the truth. But her lies are her own

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